Wits Vuvuzela


Disappointment takes different shapes and forms – and for the first time on my in-depth project I encountered the worst disappointment – my subjects wanted to be paid R500.00 to be exact. This was a conversation I had over the phone with one of the Sapeur who was meant to meet with me earlier on today. “Can you give me R500.00” asked the man who later retreated his statement saying we could meet on Saturday in Alberton for a video shoot, but didn’t answer his phone later that day. This was the first time I thought my multimedia was compromised ¬†and for the first time I was worried at the prospect of it not being good enough. However, this also reminded me that our characters are taking time off their busy schedules to work with student journalists on a project that will benefit us instead of them.

To be fair I wasn’t surprised at the request my character made, because in Yeoville the hustle is everything and I was just a recipient of this culture and given the high levels of unemployment in the area I became sympathetic towards him. As a result I spent my day mourning the loss of my perfect video idea but later tried to piece out other ideas that would help my video project so that I would have something to produce to my mentors. I also spent most of my researching more video ideas and the things I had to do to achieve in order to make it a half decent video. I also managed to re-shoot more material of my subject so that more of my footage would be in-focus, which turned out to work out in my favor as I could control the image of the video and the course that I wanted the video to take. Hopefully, it will all work for the better.