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DAY FOURTEEN: “Are they doing in-depth too”


VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE: Ace looking into the distance at the Kin-Malebo pub.

VERSACE, VERSACE, VERSACE: Ace looking into the distance at the Kin-Malebo pub.

Driving in Yeoville on a late Sunday afternoon and after a long day of shooting, one can manage to find humour in odd  ways. One of these ways was when my group members and saw white people (according to the population groups act)  in the neighborhood we would jokingly  ask “Are they doing in-depth too”. The joke followed through the rest of our time in Yeoville, where we also had to a stop in Hillbrow to shoot an interview with Dorcus – an openly  gay Zimbabwean man living in Yeoville who has the personality of a thousand comedians. The visit to Dorcus’s place  became an adventure for me too, because it was also the first time I actually saw the beauty of Johannesburg’s inner city from the sixth floor of a building. After waiting for a few minutes for his sister to open the door for us, we walked into the  a decent living space with spacious rooms and hardwood floors that creaked every now then. We were welcomed by  a group of smiling loud women who, from the empty beer bottles it was clear that they had already indulged in some ‘happy juice’.

The interview was conducted in Zulu/Xhosa as Dorcus and laughs were had when at the mention of Dorcus’ past relationship experiences. After the interview we went back to Yeoville to do an interview with and mini-fashion show with Ace (pronounced A-say) who is a La Sape living in Yeoville. Ace is a feisty individual with an incredible sense of humor who unashamedly said that if he were to win the lottery he would get out of Yeoville. He tried on a number of different outfits for us for us to see, all of which were name brands that matched his personality but not his budget.

Driving in the city we also stopped to witness what looked like a Nigerian wedding, near the Mc Donalds but the convoy missed us just before we could take a picture,  we decided to go for ice-cream and to relax before heading out to shoot again.